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Pumpkin Delight

Pumpkin Delight

A delightful Fall scent that will fill your home with wonderful aromas of pumpkin, sweet caramel, and a hint of spice. This candle will fill any room with the deliciousness of autumn.


This candle will make the perfect guest in the kitchen while baking your favorite dessert, or in the living room while gathering for your favorite autumn activity.


Size: 16oz


Scent Notes: Butter, Orange Peel, Pumpkin, Caramel, Maple, Pecan, Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Buttercream, Smoke


Wax: Coconut Apricot Blended wax


Wick Type: Tube wick sourced from Sap Trees


Burn Time: 80hrs

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