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Day Dream

Day Dream


Escape into a world of blissful reverie with Daydream. Awaken your senses with the refreshing essence of ozone and camphor, reminiscent of a crisp mountain breeze. Delicate citrus and juicy pear add a touch of brightness, while the earthy aroma of pine and the sweet allure of red currant and berry evoke the tranquility of a forest glade.


Let the gentle whispers of cherry blossom and juniper carry you away, while sage grounds you in a sense of serenity. Perfect for creating a calming ambiance in any room, Daydream invites you to relax and unwind. Embrace the beauty of the present moment and drift away with the enchanting fragrance of Daydream


Scent Notes: Ozone, Camphor, Citrus, Pear, Pine, Red Current, Berry, Cherry Blossom, Juniper, Sage


Wax: Coconut Wax


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